Friday, February 22, 2013

Learning Fun

(35 Months Old)

Ok, so this really happened.  We were outside playing (as you can see by the remains on the rug, we were first playing with our dried beans), when I overheard Wild One saying to himself, "what number comes after two?   Three!"  I turned away from Little Miss, and saw him ordering the numbered fish (going from right to left- but he was ordering them)!  I asked if I could show him how to line up the numbers, and (thankfully) he said yes.  I reminded him that we line up our numbers the same way we read in our books, from left to right.  Then, I sat back and watched as he finished ordering up to nine. When he got to nine, he kept looking for ten - but for some reason there is no ten fish. 

Fast forward a couple of weeks and I catch Wild One repeating the same ordering activity.  I quickly ran to our box of pouch lids, and brought them out and we began counting our respective lids per number.  We're doing math!!!!   We only got to four, then he decided it was time to ride his bike.  Oh well, at least we got to four.

We were playing Look and Find, in our "school" books.  I love watching them concentrate.  We only spend about five minutes in our books, each page takes just about a minute to complete.  I plan on incrementally increasing the amount of time we spend working on the books, maybe by two or three minutes per month.  I don't want them to lose interest by spending too much time in the books, although I would love to allow them to continue working in the books until they feel they are finished.  These books are not independent work yet, so we try to do the same page at the same time.

Little Miss loves - LOVES - playing with play dough.  Especially pink play dough.  After we finished making another batch of homemade play dough, she decided to make a baby.  This is her first baby. She's always just asked us to make the babies for her, this is her first time making a baby by herself.

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