Thursday, August 30, 2012

Picking Grapes Off a Stem

(30 Months)

We've still been slicing the grapes in half for our little ones, then my parents bought for my birthday an Edible Arrangement with the grape spears on it.  My daughter grabbed a spear and began taking one grape off at a time.  I watched, with my breath held in mild panic (yes, I'm overly cautious) as she placed one in her mouth, and then I quickly reminded her to bite down and chew.  She did it!  Ok, of course she did- but to me, I was so proud (and relieved- no choking).  She even recognized that she did something that big kids do, because she kept repeating "I don't need my grapes cut anymore."  Another milestone reached, we no longer need to slice the grapes they can eat them on their own.

The next day, they wanted more grapes.  I pulled two small bunches from the fridge and gave one to each of them.  They sat at the table, carefully pulling a grape from the stem and then eating it.  We take it for granted, but that simple activity of picking grapes from their stem is perfect for fine motor skill development (plus, it's a healthy and tasty snack).
It's 91 degrees outside, yet my daughter wants to wear a fleece hoodie!
My little ones are growing up more and more each day.  I'm so proud, yet so sad.  Why are these precious days flying by so fast?

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