Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our First Kumon Book

(30 Months)

I looked at so many activity books before choosing Kumon's Uppercase Letter Workbook.  I love how the workbook is organized, plenty of guided practice and gradual independent practice.  I found it interesting how they first have the child practice drawing horizontal and straight lines, then they move to the letter L, not A.  This is brilliant!  The letter A is more challenging to write, due to the two diagonal lines. However, this Kumon book is categorized by letter formation, not letter order.  We completed six pages, or three lessons, and they still wanted to keep going which is a perfect time to pause for another day (always leave them wanting a bit more- like a cliff hanger in a movie).  

Little Miss was so happy to see that she had her very own book that she can write in.  I love how they love learning.  I hope it's always this way.

At first Wild One didn't want to do "school work", he was busy creating long, curvy tracks for his trains.  Then, he saw his sister busy and he came over saying, "I want to do some too."

It's amazing watching these two work.  Little Miss is so particular and deliberate with her work.  Whereas, Wild One races from one end of the line to the other.  I noticed it was a bit harder for Wild One to stay within the guidelines, due to his need for speed.  This is just practice and we're only 2 1/2.  Right now, I just want them having fun while they are learning.  There is plenty of time for perfecting their lines and letters as they grow.

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