Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sticker Lightning Bugs

(4 1/2 Years)

Last Christmas, Bella (our Elf on the Shelf) gave Little Miss and Wild One a going away present.  It was a three-month gift to Kiwi Crate.  These little gift box gems are PERFECT for those times when you want (or need- you know those times) a project that they can work on semi-independently.  Today was the day; we painted, we built, we played with the kinetic sand, we made the volcano erupt- again, and it was only 10:30!  Out came the kit with everything in it.  I handed the kids their bottles, and colored stickers, and let them have fun decorating.
Quick!  Throw in a load of wash, load the dishwasher, start organizing the craft area (again!).  
It took less than ten minutes for them to decorate their bottles.  I thought it was going 
to take two or three minutes, but I saw how carefully they were working and I 
seized the opportunity to get a few chores done.
Wild One created a collage of color, overlapping some stickers.  Whereas, Little Miss 
created rows of the same color, making sure to space them apart ever so slightly.  Twins.
 I love how proud she is of her work!
 I helped them attach the straw, wings and feet.  They added the goggly eyes.
All finished!
 Time to make them fly.
Let's do it again!
 Experimenting the differing rates of speed if the string is held at a steeper decline.  
They loved this.  I did too!  

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