Thursday, May 29, 2014

May in a Nutshell

(4 Years)

I can't believe how fast this year is flying- ok, all four years have been flying.  One minute we are beginning May and the next, we are ending it.  So, what have we been doing?  We're going on a lot of field trips.  We've gone blueberry picking and peach picking.

We've been going to Busch Gardens almost weekly.

We have been reading a lot!  We're always at the library.   We started reading and ENJOYING chapter books (post to follow, well- eventually).  We've been painting, making and playing with homemade play dough (it lasts for months- see here for a great recipe).  We have been working with scissors a lot, they love cutting out shapes and then using glue sticks to glue them down (I've learned to have them work on a cafeteria tray when gluing to prevent glue from hardening on the wood table).  We've been using our Handwriting Without Tears slate boards and "school" books.  We are still in soccer, dance, gymnastics and T-Ball.

I'm trying to give them 10-minute swim lessons, each time we are in the pool.  However, Wild One wants to only swim under the water, and Little Miss doesn't want to take off her floaties.  I have one kid that needs to learn to stay above water, and the other to learn how to put her face in the water.  If  I didn't see them being born, I would never believe that they are twins!

So that's been May.

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