Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dying Eggs to Improve C-Grasp (Fine Motor)

(43 Months)

Art/Fine Motor Skills- We love dying eggs.  It's the one part of our Easter decorations that remains in our pantry year-round (the Dudley Egg Dying Cups).  We dye our eggs with a tray under the cups (to help capture some of the spills), we also have available plenty of hand towels, just in case.  It never fails, if I take these precautions there is never a spill.  However, if I chance it - well, you know.

This time we tried drawing with crayons on the eggs before dying them.  I wanted to see if they could manage holding a delicate egg with one hand, and draw with their dominant hand.  Wild One was very interested.  He drew on each of his eggs.  Little Miss wanted to go straight to dying the eggs, she didn't like that she had to press hard on the crayon to see her drawing.  Although, even though she kept saying she didn't want to draw, she kept on drawing.

This normally would be a great time to introduce color mixing and secondary colors.  However, Little Miss was my helper this morning and she had other plans. "Pink and purple, Mommy."  Then she asked her brother, unprompted by the way, which colors he would like.  So... my choice of having just three colors was nixed.  Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

They had lots of fun dying eggs.  They did a great job of carefully dunking each egg, and then counting to twenty, gently removing the egg and drying it off with the towel.  I wanted to let them add stickers to their dried eggs (keep working on those fine motor skills), but we needed to leave for the dentist.

Nothing goes with scribbling better than wearing a giant tiara and a Snow White costume!

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