Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Homeschool Preschool Plan

(42 Months)

As a former teacher, I am still tied to the concept of having detailed lesson plans.  As we are quickly approaching the start of our homeschool preschool year, I keep thinking, "I need a plan!"  We can't just learn willy nilly, there must be a plan!  I would never go into my classroom without a plan, how could I teach my own little ones without a plan?

Now of course with a plan, comes a schedule - circle time, math, science, reading...  We must have a schedule, kids need a structured routine.  Ok, so I need a lesson plan with a structured schedule.

Enter the beauty, the sheer bliss, of homeschooling.  Schedule smedule!  They are 3 1/2.  The rest of their lives will be built around schedules, this year we will have no schedule.  Well, except for the basics (breakfast, snack, lunch, nap time reading, nap, snack, dinner, bedtime reading and sleep).

Instead of a formal curricula, we are going to continue doing what we've done this past year. Learn and play, play and learn.

Ever since they were little, I always put something educational (and fun) on their table in the playroom.  It's there for when they first wake up in the morning to work on while we are getting breakfast together, making coffee, and emptying the dishwasher.  Since it's been part of our morning routine for so long, they know to work on whatever is on the table first before going off to play with something else.  Click here for some ideas for morning table work.

After that, we'll have breakfast and then do some calendar time or work on a few pages of one of our "school" books (the Kumon workbooks and preschool workbooks).  They (thankfully) love books, we spend a great deal of the day looking at books, reading books, making up stories to go along with books.  Of course there will be art- cutting, pasting, painting, drawing, play dough.

From there it's where the morning takes us.  They love putting on shows, "it's - time - for - a - show!" I love watching how creative they are.  We practice swimming two mornings a week, I'd love to bump that to four. We also enrolled them in both tennis and soccer this Fall.  Is the library or the mall hosting a fun kiddie event?  Maybe go to the zoo or the children's museum?  

This may be our last year together before they attend public school, we're going to make the most of it.  Will there be learning?  Most definitely!  I have so many things planned for us to do on Pinterest.  Will we have fun?  Yes!  Am I going to get stressed out that they are not learning from a formal lesson plan?  Nope!  It took me almost two years to get comfortable with that.  

I know this may not be your idea of homeschool preschool, but this is what works for us and we are going to enjoy it.  Wishing all of you a happy year with your little ones!

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