Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Helping Around the House

(38 Months)

Today Wild One helped Grandpa change the legs in their table.  My babies are growing so fast, their legs were getting squished under their table, so we switched out the short table legs for longer ones.  Wild One helped Grandpa unscrew the short table legs from the table, remove the screws and short legs and then replace them with the longer legs and thread the screws.

Later that day, Little Miss and I went plant shopping.  Of course she chose the first pink flowers she saw.  We didn't even get into the store when she started pulling plants off of the shelves.  It was so precious, she kept running from pink plant to pink plant, "this one, this one."  Then they planted - oh the mess.  How I wish I had a backyard with grass- it wouldn't have been so messy.  Focus on the experience - they planted!  Then they watered.  We all admired the beautiful new plants.  Then I cleaned.

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