Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Memory Game and Calendar Time

(31 Months)

An unexpected teachable moment for mommy.

I wanted to find out which pieces from our Thomas the Train Memory Game we were missing, so I emptied the box onto the playroom floor and began flipping all the play pieces over.  Wild One asked what I was doing, and I explained that I was going to find the match of each piece.  He then started scanning approximately 40 pieces and began finding matches!  No way, it had to be a fluke.  Another match, then another and another.  The boy found all 20-something pairs (and that's with Little Miss taking some of the pieces and hiding them in her pencil pouch).  I would never have laid out that many pieces, I would have tried four sets, then worked up to ten.  I would never have tried that many.  I loved watching him make those matches, he was so proud- so was I.

Another proud moment was during Calendar Time this morning.  Little Miss and Wild One surprised me and sang (almost perfectly) the Days of the Week song.  It's incredible how easily they can remember something if it's set to music.  I guess that's why Schoolhouse Rock has stood the test of time.

This morning they took turns playing "teacher" and asking one another questions based upon our Calendar Time board.  It was so cute to watch, although they kept giving each other the answers.  "Can you find the trapezoid? (extremely short pause) It's right here.  Do you see it?"  I love watching them.

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